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The Arts Curriculum

Our Arts Curriculum aims to provide a broad and innovative range of learning opportunities for all students in Years 7 to 12, both within and as an extension of the classroom curriculum. Learning within The Arts shapes students to become innovators, encouraging the development of invaluable 21st century skills; critical and creative thinking, communication, collaboration and teamwork, as they become confident, talented and resourceful young artists.

Through innovative and meaningful curriculum, it is our vision to inspire young women to step out of their comfort zone and find their voice in the world. The Arts has the power to challenge, to educate, celebrate and empower, and through such a focus, foster the holistic development of a person, providing a way of knowing about oneself, others and the world. This is the power of The Arts, and what underpins our teaching and learning in The Arts at Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School.

At Girls’ Grammar, all students have the opportunity to study Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts as part of their rotational studies in Years 7 and 8.

From Year 9, students may specialise in one or more of the Arts electives, as they progress through their Middle and Senior Years.