My Grammar

Personalised Learning

At IGGS, we give your daughter more attention in every class, every day.

Your daughter’s teachers will know her not only by name, but will also have an in-depth understanding of her individual needs and learning goals.

Each year, your daughter’s academic progress is monitored through a range of standardised tests.

Her strengths and challenges are identified and addressed in her Personalised Academic Action Plan. The plan is regularly monitored and adjusted to ensure she is well-supported and making positive progress.

IGGS girls take an active role in their learning adventure, reviewing their progress, setting goals and deciding how they will meet their challenges.

Parents have access to their daughter’s Plan, her 1:1 notes from her pastoral and academic interviews and regular parent and teacher meetings so together we form a strong and informed team to support your daughter and develop her true potential. Additionally, the School hosts Middle School and Senior School information sessions for parents in the first term every year.

Learning Support

At IGGS, your daughter won’t slip through the cracks.

Our extensive range of tracking and diagnostic tests quickly identifies students who need extra support or challenges while on their learning journey.

Our dedicated Learning Support staff, under the leadership of our Head of Personalised Learning, cater for girls of all year levels who need learning support, have English as a second language or have the potential to be extended.

One-to-one and in small groups, specialist staff and tutors help students with literacy, effective communication skills, numeracy and learning how-to-learn strategies. This includes providing parents with ideas for how these strategies can be reinforced at home.

Girls needing extension opportunities remain engaged through classroom differentiation are invited into our co-curricular Challenge and Extension program.

Challenge and Extension – The IGGS Diligentia Program

Our Diligentia program offers our Gifted and Talented students the opportunity to test and showcase their skills.

All IGGS girls are invited to undertake further testing for entry into Diligentia. These tests are not mandatory. To be accepted, the student must be performing at least two years above her current year level of education

Year 7 and 8 students must sit an Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER) test for entry into Diligentia. In Year 9, any girl who wishes to undertake the extension work is welcome.

Once in the program, the girls are offered support and guidance in undertaking external competitions, workshops and activities to further enhance their talents and overall development in a range of areas.

The groups meet at lunchtimes during the term.

Technology for Learning

Digital and internet technologies offer our girls huge learning potential and we encourage them to become empowered learners in an increasingly social and digital world.

Every IGGS student is provided with an Acer pen-enabled personal device as part of our 1:1 laptop program.

Ready access to technology means our girls are highly engaged in learning and more creative in the work they produce. They communicate more with teachers and curriculum materials are easier to access. Ultimately, they are equipping themselves with 21st century skills that will empower them to transition to higher education and life beyond the School’s gates.
We recognise that with growing access to technology, there is a need for vigilance around its proper use and as such all students are required to abide by the Appropriate Use of Technology policy.