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2019 IGGSOGA Events

  • Annual Luncheon, 8 June at 12noon, Phoenix Room – please complete the acceptance form
  • Melbourne Cup Luncheon, 5 November at 10.30am, Phoenix Room
  • Theatre Night, 28 November at 7.30pm (for 8.00pm), Ipswich Little Theatre



  • IGGSOGA AGM, 19 February at 7.00pm, Meeting Room
  • General, 29 April at 7.00pm, Meeting Room
  • General, 29 July at 7.00pm, Meeting Room
  • General, 21 October at 7.00pm, Meeting Room



This year the OGA is holding an Annual Luncheon specifically designed to cater for reunion groups as well as general attendees. This will be held mid-year (8 June 2018). Reunion cohorts are invited to hold their reunions at this Annual Lunch. [NB This Luncheon is separate from the Long Lunch which is a School Fundraising event.]

Reunions range from small informal friendship groups to larger gatherings at significant milestones — usually decades or half decades. These reunions provide the opportunity for all past students and OGA members to reconnect with each other. At each event it is great to see old friends meeting after losing touch over the years and finding out about their lives since leaving IGGS.

A Reunion booklet is available which outlines procedures and advises what assistance is forthcoming from the OGA. As the actual functions are organised by the OGA Committee, it is a very easy way to hold a reunion as many have found to their pleasure. It simplifies much of the work involved for the organisers and has proved very successful and popular in recent years. If you would like a booklet please email:

If you are interested in attending any of the reunions held this year, please make initial contact with your cohort organiser.


Milestone reunions planned for 2019:

Annual Luncheon
8 June, Phoenix Room IGGS


40 Year Reunion
1975-1979 (2nd Form – 6th Form) cohort

Please contact Cathy (nee Bamford) Urquhart, mobile: +61 (0) 419 706201.