My Grammar

Signature Programs

Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School’s Signature Program inspires girls to become confident well-educated young women. Our girls learn how to be diligent, resilient, persistent and self-regulating. They become critical, creative thinkers with an entrepreneurial flair that empowers them to create innovative change in a technologically advanced twenty-first century. IGGS girls are well-educated, respectfully assertive, caring and compassionate citizens capable of leading their local and global communities. They are aware of their rights and responsibilities and they possess values, morals and ethics that enable them to live happy, successful lives.


We know our students. Every student is treated as an individual when planning their holistic education and academic success. Teachers gradually release responsibility to students as they nurture them to take ownership of their progress and development. Every student is scheduled to participate in a series of personalised one-to-one interviews with a senior educator. Each student’s personal profile is reviewed and then used to inform the design of goals and the articulation of their holistic education plan.



Evidence-based teaching and learning practices drives our approach to academics. The girls have an opportunity to experience a broad, liberal education. Learning is not stereotyped by gender, it is rigorous, differentiated and relevant for our twenty-first century learners. Programs are delivered by expert educators in fit-for-purpose learning environments. Our students develop intellectual habits and the academic knowledge and skills required for higher learning, work, citizenship and life beyond the School gates.


Character and Citizenship:

The way we live our lives and conduct ourselves in our communities demonstrates who we are as people. Specific character traits are the building blocks of personal and wider success and this idea forms the basis of Character and Citizenship within our Signature Program.  Our girls are given opportunities to shape their identity, extend their natural gifts and talents, explore opportunities beyond stereotypes and find a passionate purpose in life as confident well-educated young women.

Our platform for building character and citizenship is embedded in the School’s 7Cs program. Each Year level from 7 to 12 is governed by a guiding principle that equates to the social and emotional, physical and intellectual growth of each girl and their year group.

Our extensive range of sporting, cultural and service opportunities helps students to develop identity, display integrity, and discover an intent for life beyond school. Encouraging participation in a range of social networks fosters students’ health and wellbeing and develops a strong sense of belonging. Above all, we want our girls to live happy, successful lives and contribute actively to their communities.