My Grammar

Girls-Only Education


Through extensive educational research we know girls-only education offers Year 7 to Year 12 girls the greatest chance to flourish.

Girls-only education is frequently associated with higher career aspirations and better test scores and has many social and emotional benefits.

We create a safe and focused learning environment where your daughter can explore her potential without any stereotypes that may limit her choices or freedoms.

Our girl-centric teaching strategies connect with your daughter’s interests and learning stages, significantly boosting her success, motivation and enjoyment of study.

All our girls have access to all leadership and captaincy positions and are actively encouraged to lead, participate, compete and take risks.

At Ipswich Girls’ Grammar we understand adolescent girls, having educated them since 1892. We also know not one girl is the same. As parents, you can be assured that we will do our best by your daughter to help her realise her brightest future.

Here, your daughter will be free to be who she wants to be, both inside the classroom and out.