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Life in Cribb House

Cribb House is a dynamic and busy home-away-from-home where we encourage girls to develop independence and maturity. Afternoons are for free time, shopping on allocated days, sports training and practice as well as attending to their washing and upkeep of personal belongings.


  • Cribb House is composed of five wings, each with its own bathroom, laundry and common room. Each dormitory wing has been named after a long serving member of the IGGS Board of Trustees:
  • Tatham Wing – William Tatham 1890-1921
  • Hargreaves Wing – Joseph Hargreaves – 1893-1928, William Hargreaves – 1934-1944
  • Wilson Wing – George Wilson 1895-1922
  • Gill Wing – George Gill 1915-1943
  • Hancock Wing – May and John Hancock – from 1966

Cribb House supervisors oversees the allocation of beds. In all Year levels the bed allocations are changed each term, so that every boarder has the opportunity to make new friends. Bed allocations are non-negotiable. Girls may decorate their areas using bluetac.


While on campus, boarders are expected to attend all meals offered in the Dining Room. Boarders are provided with the following meals:

Monday to Friday

  • Breakfast: In the Dining Room, 7.00am – 7.45am.
  • Morning Tea: In the Dining Room, 10.15am – 10.40am.
  • Lunch: In the Dining Room, 12.25pm – 1.10pm.
  • Afternoon Tea: In Cribb House after school.
  • Dinner: In the Dining Room, 5.30pm – 6.10pm.

Saturday and Sunday

  • Breakfast: In the Dining Room, Saturday 8.00am – 9.00am and Sunday 8.30am – 9.30am. Not compulsory.
  • Lunch: In the Dining Room, 12.30pm. Compulsory for all boarders on campus. Only Years 11 and 12 boarders have permission to sit outside the Dining Room within eyesight of staff.
  • Dinner: In the Dining Room, 5.30pm. Compulsory for all boarders on campus.

Supper is provided in Cribb House each night.

Any boarder who requires a late meal (due to sport or cultural commitments) must request it in advance.

All boarders must sit in an orderly manner, be neatly dressed with closed footwear in the Dining Room. Sleepwear and singlet tops are not permitted.

Boarders must display respect for, and courtesy toward, dining staff at all times and should not ordinarily enter the kitchen area.


Learning how to do your own washing is a great skill to have before students commence boarding. Each wing has two front loading washing machines, two dryers and a clothes line.

The following are points to consider regarding laundry:

  • Boarders are not required to bring their own linen; however, they should bring their own doona, doona cover and pillow to help make their room feel like their own.
  • All boarders clothing must be clearly named with either stitched-on name labels or black permanent laundry marker.
  • Boarders have access to washing machines and dryers and are responsible for washing their personal clothing as required. They may also wash their own pillowcase and towel.
  • Bedlinen and towels are washed weekly by an external service provider.
  • The washing machines are front loaders. Please ensure only front loading washing powder is brought into Cribb House.
  • Washing machines and dryers are not to be operated during Prep or after 9.00pm.

Lounge/Leisure Areas

All Year levels have their own common areas. These consist of lounges, TV, DVD player, fridge and microwave.


Every boarder is required to take part in supervised Prep on Sunday to Thursday nights. The times allocated for Prep are as follows:

  • Sunday – Compulsory for all Year levels, 6.30pm – 8.00pm in Cribb House
  • Monday to Thursday – Compulsory for all Year levels, 6.30pm – 8.00pm
    • Years 5 to 10: in the Peter Phillips Senior School Complex
    • Years 11 to 12: in Cribb HouseMonday to Thursday – Compulsory for all Year levels, 6.30pm – 8.00pm

Prep is designed to encourage the development of lifelong, healthy study habits and maximise uninterrupted study time. During allocated Prep times, girls will be supervised by Boarding Supervisors, along with the Head and Assistant Head of Boarding. Years 11 to 12 girls will be expected to keep their doors open and phones out of reach on their pillow during this time, to allow supervisors to move freely between the rooms and provide academic support. Girls who do not wish to continue to study after 8.30pm must remain quiet so that the girls choosing to study are not disturbed.

Girls who return to Cribb House after 6.30pm from sporting commitments are able to eat their dinner in the ground floor Common Room. They are then to make their way to the allocated study area to start their Prep.

Girls returning from Weekend Leave on Sunday evening are asked to arrive prior to 6.30pm or after 8.00pm so as not to cause disruption to other students in Prep.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Boarding Handbook.