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Life in Cribb House

Cribb House is home to a vibrant community of young women. The Cribb House team manage the day-to-day operation of the boarding house, while providing a safe, supportive environment for all students.

Recently renovated, Cribb House stands in the middle of our campus and overlooks the city of Ipswich and the School’s extensive, landscaped grounds.

Our girls eat healthy meals planned by our nutritionist and made freshly in our Dining Hall each day.

Your daughter’s health and wellbeing are paramount, and our dedicated teachers, psychologist, nutritionist, registered nurse and experienced boarding supervisors and staff are all on hand to take good care of her.


Cribb House is composed of five wings, each with its own bathroom, laundry and common room. Each dormitory wing is named after a long serving member of the IGGS Board of Trustees, linking our current boarders with our School’s rich history.

To ensure boarders meet as many of their peers as possible and to strengthen connections in our boarding family, room allocations are changed each term.


Coming together to share a meal helps our boarders connect with each other, strengthen relationships, and build a sense of community. Meeting in the dining room to share stories from the day is a long-held tradition at IGGS. Led by a qualified chef and overseen by a nutritionist, the Cribb House kitchen provides our boarders with nutritious meals and snacks. Arrangements are made to accommodate boarders who miss meal-time in the boarding house due to extra-curricular activities or appointments.

Supervised Study aka “Prep

All students at IGGS are supported to be lifelong learners. Supervised Prep sessions in Cribb House help our boarders achieve this.

Your daughter will have academic support and access to resident staff each evening to assist her with homework over a nightly supervised study session.

Prep helps our boarders develop healthy study habits and maximise their dedicated study time. This impacts students’ academic achievements and helps them learn to effectively manage their time to cope with competing demands and deadlines.

Tutoring is available for students who would like extra support to achieve their academic goals.

Leisure Time

Boarders at IGGS are encouraged to enjoy a balance of academic studies, extra-curricular activities and rest and relaxation. Leisure time forms an important part of life at Cribb House. At the end of the school day, boarders have personal time to rest, play sport, read, talk with friends and wind down.

Ipswich is a dynamic town offering the feel of a small community while being close to major entertainment precincts and natural attractions. Boarders enjoy visiting Brisbane city, South Bank Parklands — home to many cultural spaces including the State Library, Queensland Museum, Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art and the Queensland Performing Arts Centre — and the Gold Coast. In our own backyard there is also much to explore, with walking trails, local markets and shopping centres close by. Boarders are encouraged to immerse themselves in social activities and planned events to help build their sense of belonging.

While at Cribb House, students can relax and socialise with friends in common areas. These consist of lounges, TV, DVD player, fridge and microwave, as well as access to board games. Cribb House has access to Disney+, Netflix and Prime.

Personal Responsibility

All students at IGGS are encouraged to be independent and self-reliant. Cribb House staff support boarders in this journey. Boarders are asked to do their own washing, keep their rooms neat and contribute to weekly chores. Our new boarders, and particularly our youngest boarders, are assisted by staff to learn these skills. Boarders enjoy learning these new life skills and look forward to sharing them with their family when they visit home.