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Boarding Options

At Ipswich Girls’ and Junior Grammar School, we offer girls from around Australia and overseas a stable, well-rounded educational experience in our highly supervised, supportive family environment.

For families that need flexibility and convenience, we offer casual, weekly and full-time on-site boarding for girls from Year 5 to Year 12.

As a boarder, your daughter will be safe, comfortable, well fed, highly supervised, academically and socially supported.

Our recently renovated Cribb House is a multi-level, home-away-from-home fitted with essential security features and alarmed every evening. The House stands in the middle of our campus and overlooks the city of Ipswich and the School’s extensive, landscaped grounds.

Our girls eat healthy meals planned by our nutritionist and made fresh in our Dining Hall each day.

Your daughter’s health and wellbeing are paramount, and our dedicated teachers, counsellors, nutritionist, registered nurse and experienced boarding supervisors and staff are all on hand to take good care of her.

Throughout her learning adventure she will have academic support and access to resident staff each evening to assist her with homework over a nightly, two-hour supervised study session.

We understand she will need time to herself and part of the structured life in our boarding community is down time. Our boarders are encouraged to become involved in some of the School’s many co-curricular activities and have plenty of time to socialise with friends.

Boarding will foster your daughter’s independence and personal growth under the watchful eye of our teachers and mentors. From the moment she joins us she will become part of a special, inclusive community where she will make lifelong friends.

Flexible Boarding

We understand that modern families need flexibility and convenience and offer a variety of after school care and overnight boarding options through our Grammar Plus program.

Grammar Plus options include:

  • Grammar Plus study: Afternoon tea, shower, dinner with the boarders, two-hour supervised homework session, late pick-up at 9pm.
  • $40 per session (same day bookings)
  • Grammar Plus overnight: A popular option for girls with a heavy co-curricular program, during exam blocks or who may live outside a travelling radius of 30 minutes from the school.
  • $82 per night (24hrs notice required)
  • Grammar Plus weekly: This allows our students to leave on Friday afternoon to spend time with their families and return on either Sunday evening or Monday morning.
  • $82 per night (24hrs notice required)
  • Grammar Plus casual: Casual and temporary stays
  • $82 per night (24hrs notice required)

Grammar Girl for a Week

We know you want the best for your daughter. So do we, which is why we invite prospective Ipswich Girls’ and Junior Grammar boarders to be our VIP guests for a few days, or a week, to experience our special boarding community.

Your daughter’s days will be fun and busy as she immerses herself in our positive, proactive school community. She will attend classes, stay at Cribb House, meet our teachers, boarding staff and mentors and try out some of our wonderful facilities and co-curricular activities.

Grammar Girl for a Day

Our special preview day invites your daughter to be our VIP guest in her future classroom for a school day to experience our exceptional learning and vibrant School community.

For enquiries regarding enrolments or Grammar Plus experiences, please contact our Enrolments Registrar:

Ms Fiona Rowell
Tel: +61 (07) 3454 4401