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Old Girls


About the OGA

In 1897, five years after the founding of the School, the first Headmistress, Miss Fanny Hunt, formed the Old Girls Association.

From the outset, the organisation had enabled IGGS students to keep in touch with friends and the School itself.

A vital support network is provided through the OGA. There are a number of branches in Queensland and interstate which provide opportunities for fellowship.

The OGA not only provides the School with many amenities through their tireless fund-raising – they also willingly take part in many of the School’s initiatives. For example, from their ranks come specialist advisers at Careers Day, sporting coaches and guest speakers both in the classroom and at official functions. Old Girls have chosen to be members of staff and the Board of Trustees.

This interaction between staff, parents, students and Old Girls is a vital dimension of the school community and is testimony to the values which are inherent in the school ethos.


Message from the Co-Presidents 

After the very exciting year that marked both the 120th Birthday of the IGGSOGA and the 125th Birthday of our School, we look forward to a 2018 in which we again focus on matters that are fundamental to our IGGS past students association: the OGA. Many of our very small group of active Old Girls were heavily involved in the special events and celebrations of 2017, and many more old Girls gave extraordinary support to the School’s special endeavours – in particular the 125 Cookbook and the Long Lunch.

As always, a significant goal of the OGA is connection, as we strive to find ways of not only connecting with individual members ourselves, but also building on the opportunities for Old Girls to be in contact with each other.

It has become our practice to have a welcoming function at the beginning of the year for some of our more local old girl supporters. This year it was an afternoon tea on 11 February where all-comers could just enjoy fellowship and friendship in the same way that our branch members do throughout the year.

Probably the most traditional of our activities, Commemeration Day is a celebration of the laying of our foundation stone in 1891 and one which cements our role as the keepers of our history and traditions. This year’s Commem Day was held on 3 March, where we were delighted to recognise the academic excellence of our six 2017 OP1 students. In addition, wo ladies – Joan Meecham and Bette Howard – were honoured by having their names placed on the Honour Boards in the IGGSOGA Old Girls Commemorative Performing Arts Centre.

Other annual events are again in place. Our Annual Luncheon on 9 June and Dinner at the earlier time of 4 August are the perfect opportunities to organise reunions and smaller get-togethers and we look forward to seeing many of you at these functions. While these events may be organised by the Old Girls Association, all past students are not only welcomed, but encouraged to attend. This also applies to fundraising activities, some of which – such as our Melbourne Cup Luncheon – cater for friends and family as well.

As always, our fundraising is directed towards projects which benefit our current students and staff.

Another major contribution to the School, while not directly part of the OGA, is voluntary work in the School’s archives. Honorary Archivists Joan Meecham and Helen Pullar organise the extensive work being carried out by ‘Friends of the Archives’ – a group of largely comprising past students and staff. This year Helen is also working with a group of current students. This volunteering makes a significant ‘in kind’ contribution to our School and is advancing the maintenance, acquisition and preservation of our valuable records.

The Old Girls will continue our commitment to the ongoing success of the School and its students, and forward to working with Dr Britton and the Trustees and appreciate the support and recognition that the OGA receives from them.

We hope this will again be a happy year of enjoying the company of old girls, celebrating fellowship and friendship at our functions and making connections with many more of you.

Please contact us at us at and tell us where you are and what you are doing and keep us updated with any changes to your details.

Best wishes,

Leah Bell and Helen Pullar
Co-Presidents of the OGA

OGA Executive 


Elected Executive for 2019:

Co-President: Ms Leah Bell
Ph: 07 3282 1163

Co-President: Mrs Helen Pullar
Ph: 07 3281 4437

Vice-President: Mrs Kay Jones
Ph: 07 3424 7815

Secretary: Mrs Mavis Mathieson-Frame
Ph: 07 3281 6187

Treasurer: Mrs Melissa Blacksell
Ph: 0409 284 366

OGA Press Editor: Mrs Helen Pullar
Ph: 07 3281 4437


Brisbane Branch:

President/Secretary: Joan Meecham
Ph: 0437 560 436

Treasurer: Ann Wong
Ph: 0438 609 991


Canberra Branch:

Faye Noonan
Ph: (02) 6231 3200




Gold Coast Branch:

President: Denise Armstrong
Ph: 0418 765 807

Secretary: Lurline Campbell
Ph: 07 5580 0692


Darling Downs Branch:

President: Heather Jorgensen
Ph: 07 4638 4990

Secretary: Cheryl Wilson
Ph: 07 4635 6275

Treasurer: Brenda Parry
Ph: 07 4630 7991


Sunshine Coast Branch:

President: Jan Wright
Ph: 07 5456 2845

Secretary: Lyn McLaren
Ph: 07 5477 1916

Treasurer: Del Huey
Ph: 07 5444 3913