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About the OGA

In 1897, five years after the founding of the School, the first Headmistress, Miss Fanny Hunt, formed the Old Girls Association – the first such past students organisation to be formed in Queensland.

From the outset, the organisation has enabled IGGS students to keep in touch with friends and the School itself.

A vital support network is provided through the OGA. There are a number of branches in Queensland which provide opportunities for fellowship.

The OGA not only provides the School with many amenities through their fund-raising – they also willingly take part in many of the School’s initiatives. For example, from their ranks come specialist advisers at Careers Day, sporting coaches and guest speakers both in the classroom and at official functions. Old Girls have chosen to be members of staff and the Board of Trustees.

This interaction between staff, parents, students and Old Girls is a vital dimension of the school community and is testimony to the values which are inherent in the school ethos.

Message from the Co-Presidents 

After a few years of uncertainty, it has been a relief to hold several successful Old Girls events in recent months and participate in a number of school functions as well.

At the end of last year, we farewelled the Senior cohort with the Bell Ringing ceremony and, what is now, a traditional morning tea. This occasion marks the transition from student to Old Girl, and is a meaningful rite of passage. Their delight in being presented with an OGA badge is heart-warming. In addition, in 2022, Seniors also received an OGA pen to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the founding of the organisation by our first principal, Miss Fanny Hunt.

We welcome our latest members, wish them every success and look forward to hearing about their wonderful achievements.

We also said good-bye to Dr Britton after 12 years as principal. At an enjoyable farewell function, Helen spoke of his time at IGGS as a teacher and Head while Leah spoke of his interaction with the OGA. We wish him well in his next endeavours on behalf of the Association.

Our 12th Principal, Dr Marie Perry, was welcomed at the start of the academic year and was subsequently invited to be the speaker at our Commemoration Day function on 4 March. This was the first opportunity for a number of Old Girls to meet the new Principal, though it will not be the last as Dr Perry is keen to meet as many as possible.

Commemoration Day is the occasion on which the Helen White Prize for Dux is awarded and this year the recipient was Lauren Stacey. The Fanny Hunt Prizes for Very High Achievement in 2022 were received by Jessie Iacoune, Eliza Carniel and Jasmine May. The 2022 results were outstanding, and students and staff are to be congratulated on their success.

In the morning, prior to the Commemoration celebrations, the School community gathered to acknowledge the work undertaken by Honorary Archivist Helen and her Friends of the Archives, former teachers Jan Thompson and Barbara Cobbold, Old Girls and former teachers, Anne Mullins and Eirys Jones, and Old Girl, Vicki Doig and many students who have given valuable help with scanning, typing, and many other time-consuming tasks.

With the collection now well-documented, Helen has been able to devote time to establishing a Museum – a valuable asset to the School as it allows some of the very significant archival treasures to be displayed.

The establishment of the Museum Rooms from a financial perspective, is almost entirely due to Old Girls’ generosity, either individually or through branches. The Museum can be viewed by appointment and will be open on the morning of the Old Girls Annual Lunch.

This event will be held on 10 June and all Old Girls (and carers), and past staff are invited. The Acceptance Form is online and enquiries can be directed to: There are several reunions planned so we look forward to meeting up with as many as possible.

Our branches have continued to meet this year and have plans in place for gatherings throughout the year. We thank them for their ongoing loyalty and commitment.

We are only too aware of the problem of maintaining connections and the need for accurate contact information. Please use the website form – Update My Details which can now be completed online, to ensure your contact details are correct.

Many Old Girls are asking to join the OGA closed Facebook site, but we have realised that, in some instances, it is assumed that this is the equivalent of Membership of the OGA. The organisation itself is an incorporated body with a Membership Application and a fee of $30.

Fellowship remains the predominant reason for the organization and we encourage everyone to attend gatherings, functions, meetings and casual get-togethers to celebrate our common bond – Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School.

Best wishes,

Leah Bell and Helen Pullar
Co-Presidents of the OGA 

OGA Executive 

Elected Executive for 2024:
Co-President: Ms Leah Bell
Ph: 07 3282 1163 or 0407 596 160

Co-President: Mrs Helen Pullar
Ph: 07 3281 4437 or 0400 801 443

Secretary: Lynne Smith

Treasurer: Jocelyn Smith

Vice President: Kay Jones

Reunion Secretary: Eirys Jones
Ph: 07 3282 1312 or 0417 740 154

Membership Secretary: Annette Shuker

Social Media Manager: Claire Hindle

Charne Anderson
Eleanor Beale
Vicki Doig
Sue Wyatt

OGA Press Editor: Mrs Helen Pullar

Canberra Branch Co-ordinator:
Faye Noonan
Ph: (02) 6231 3200

Darling Downs Branch:

President (OGA Vice-President): Marilyn Woodcock
Ph: 0408 961 190

Secretary: Cheryl Wilson
Ph: (07) 4635 6275

Treasurer: Heather Jorgensen

Gold Coast Branch:

President (OGA Vice-President): Glenda Murrell
Ph: (07) 5573 1607

Secretary: Lurline Campbell
Ph: (07) 5580 0692

Treasurer: Helen Roach