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Old Girls

About the OGA

In 1897, five years after the founding of the School, the first Headmistress, Miss Fanny Hunt, formed the Old Girls Association.

From the outset, the organisation had enabled IGGS students to keep in touch with friends and the School itself.

A vital support network is provided through the OGA. There are a number of branches in Queensland and interstate which provide opportunities for fellowship.

The OGA not only provides the School with many amenities through their tireless fund-raising – they also willingly take part in many of the School’s initiatives. For example, from their ranks come specialist advisers at Careers Day, sporting coaches and guest speakers both in the classroom and at official functions. Old Girls have chosen to be members of staff and the Board of Trustees.

This interaction between staff, parents, students and Old Girls is a vital dimension of the school community and is testimony to the values which are inherent in the school ethos.

Message from the Co-Presidents 

Who would have dreamed that on Commemoration Day 2020, that the next function that the OGA would be able to hold would be Commemoration Day 2021? Even though this had to be held in the IGGS Assembly Hall instead of the Old Girls’ Commemorative Performing Arts Centre, it was a great success and we were all delighted that it was able to go ahead. 

Now, we can look forward to another function – the Annual OGA Luncheon which is scheduled for Saturday 5 June. It is hoped that not only will there be reunion groups present for the current decade reunions, but that those of you who were unable to hold your reunions in 2020 will gather on this occasion instead. 

It would be great to think that by November, life and our immediate world will be sufficiently recognisable that we will be able to hold our major fundraiser – the Melbourne Cup Luncheon – but no decision has been reached as yet. 

Our branches have all met this year and have plans in place for gatherings throughout the year. We thank them for their ongoing loyalty and commitment. 

We trust that many of you have maintained contact in the last year and are starting to meet again and have your own mini reunions. Please let us know of these occasions as it is always heartening to have any news from Old Girls. 

We are only too aware of the ongoing problem of maintaining connections and having updated contact information. Please use the web site form  Update My Details  to update your contact details. 

Fellowship remains the integral purpose of the IGGSOGA, so we really hope to see or hear from many of you in 2021 

Once again in the final week of their years of schooling, we were delighted to welcome the 2020 Seniors into the ranks of the IGGSOGA. Despite the incredible disruptions to their final year, these girls had remained cheerful and positive throughout. The Bell Ringing Ceremony which marks their transition from student to Old Girl is a meaningful rite of passage and their delight in being presented with their OGA badge is heart-warming. We welcome our latest members, wish them every success and look forward to hearing of their wonderful achievements.  

In their final days there is much spoken about what their schooldays have meant to them and particularly the lifelong friendships formed. Generations of girls have walked through the gates for the last time vowing to remain in contact. That isn’t always as easy as they think, but today, thanks to the benefit of social media, it is becoming far more of a reality. Large friendship groups remain in contact and we hear constantly of their reunions and social gatherings. Whether it is two close school friends reuniting after many years or a large reunion group, the bonds are obvious. We hope to witness this again at our Annual Reunion Luncheon in June. 

Be sure to join the OGA Facebook group to stay in touch. 

Best wishes, 

Leah Bell and Helen Pullar
Co-Presidents of the OGA 

OGA Executive 

Elected Executive for 2021:
Co-President: Ms Leah Bell
Ph: 07 3282 1163 or 0407 596 160

Co-President: Mrs Helen Pullar
Ph: 07 3281 4437 or 0400 801 443

Vice-President: Mrs Kay Jones
Ph: 07 3424 7815

Secretary: Mrs Mavis Mathieson-Frame
Ph: 07 3281 6187

Treasurer: Mrs Melissa Blacksell
Ph: 0409 284 366

OGA Press Editor: Mrs Helen Pullar
Ph: 07 3281 4437

Brisbane Branch:

President/Secretary: Mrs Ruth Thompson
Ph: 07 3821 5807

Social Secretary: Ms Jan Hagerty
Ph: 07 3890 8159

Treasurer: Marie Lynagh
Ph: 07 3852 2952

Canberra Branch:
Faye Noonan
Ph: (02) 6231 3200

Darling Downs Branch:

President: Marilyn Woodcock
Ph: 0408 961 190

Secretary: Cheryl Wilson
Ph: (07) 4635 6275

Treasurer: Heather Jorgenson
Ph: 0458 134 151

Gold Coast Branch:

President: Glenda Murrell
Ph: (07) 5573 1607

Secretary: Lurline Campbell
Ph: (07) 5580 0692

Treasurer: Helen Roach
Ph: 0423 120 462

OGA 2021 Meeting Dates

10 May

19 July

18 October