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Boarding at IGGS

Offering flexible boarding options for girls only from Years 7 to 12.

Cribb House offers a vibrant, multi-cultural community, with both international students and girls from around Australia calling IGGS boarding home.

This exposure to other cultures is an enriching experience for students and our boarders learn tolerance of self and others. Boarding life provides an opportunity for development of character, self-discipline, positive study habits and leadership, whilst nurturing lifelong friendships.

Cribb House is a very busy place with a warm, supportive and caring atmosphere. We aim to instill within the boarders the values of respect, consideration, trust and honesty which complement the core values of the School – Diligence, Excellence, Respect, Integrity and Care.

As in any community, certain guidelines are essential and the viewpoints of others must be considered. We do expect a high degree of self-discipline and respect for others in our boarding community. To achieve this, girls must have respect for our School traditions and values.

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