My Grammar

Academic Excellence


At Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School, we are dedicated to supporting your daughter along every step of her learning experience.

Our staff plays a fundamental role in the School’s success and we place great importance on attracting and retaining quality teaching professionals who are passionate about working with adolescent girls. As a result, the School has established a high quality learning community.

Ipswich Girls’ Grammar teachers are trained in the Dimensions of Learning and the Art and Science of Teaching frameworks. They are highly experienced educators who understand how to bring out the best in our girls as they strive to become confident, well-educated young women.

Quality teaching facilitates quality learning. We aim to provide a positive, personalised education for each and every one of our girls.

We analyse ability and academic opportunities through data we collect from your daughter to craft her Personalised Academic Action Plan. These plans are monitored to track her academic development and help us determined how best to support her on her learning journey.

IGGS offers a wide range of bespoke electives. Our girls have the opportunity to be challenged in our Gifted and Talented program and our Learning Support program helps our students who need extra assistance.

Facilities & Resources

Our commitment to academic excellence and quality teaching is further strengthened by an extensive variety of state-of-the-art learning, sporting, arts and multimedia facilities that cater for every stage of your daughter’s learning journey.

Our Peter Phillips Senior School Complex features fully equipped learning classrooms with interactive whiteboards, science laboratories with designated chemical and safety areas, a 200-seat lecture theatre with control room and state-of-the-art audio visual equipment, the Phoenix function room and wi-fi available throughout the campus.

Our expansive campus features landscaped gardens and heritage-listed buildings including the original School building, which now houses Main Administration and our Mervyn S. Paterson Assembly Hall.

The Centre for Young Women’s Health and Wellbeing nurtures our students’ personal development and our recently renovated boarding facility Cribb House offers a personalised, family home-away-from-home experience for our beloved IGGS boarders.

Our School Canteen and Dining Hall caters for both boarders and day girls offering freshly prepared, healthy snacks and meals planned by our nutritionist.

Illness and injuries are catered for in our fully equipped Health Centre with separate recovery room, staffed by a full-time registered nurse.

We have a purpose built, multi-court gymnasium, with international standard ceiling height and mezzanine viewing level.

Our Fitness Centre and Human Movement Laboratory features the latest equipment and an Indoor Cycling room. IGGS sports staff work alongside elite coaches and specialists to further develop our girls’ potential.

Other School facilities and resources include:

  • Performing Arts Centre
  • Graphics and Visual Arts Studio with kiln room
  • E-STEAM and Robotics workshops
  • Teaching Observatory for peer review
  • Computer and Science Labs
  • Five-lane, 25-metre heated, outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Athletics Oval with 400-metre running track
  • Tennis and Volleyball courts
  • Extensive sporting equipment

Technology for Learning

Digital and internet technologies offer our girls huge learning potential and we encourage them to become empowered learners in an increasingly social and digital world.

Every IGGS student is provided with a Microsoft Surface pen-enabled personal device as part of our 1:1 laptop program. Our integrated e-learning opportunities are further enhanced through our dedicated computer laboratories, iPads and classroom interactive whiteboards. The School also employs a full-time Digital Learning and Teaching coordinator to support and challenge students and staff in this important arena of education.

Ready access to technology means our girls are highly engaged in learning and more creative in the work they produce. They communicate more with teachers and curriculum materials are easier to access. Ultimately, they are equipping themselves with 21st century skills that will empower them to transition to higher education and life beyond the School’s gates.

We recognise that with growing access to technology, there is a need for vigilance around its proper use and as such, the School hosts regular cyber safety workshops for both students and parents and all students are required to abide by an Appropriate Use of Technology policy.