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Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School has the best NAPLAN results in the region

Earlier this year, Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 students around Australia participated in the annual NAPLAN program. NAPLAN assesses skills, knowledge and understanding in numeracy and literacy, grammar and punctuation, spelling and writing.

Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School students and staff are to be congratulated on the very pleasing outcomes achieved in NAPLAN 2019. Our consistently good results are a credit to the students, their families and our teaching staff. Girls’ Grammar is very proud of the fact that our school was recognised as the leading school in the Ipswich region for NAPLAN 2019. At Girls’ Grammar we understand that academic excellence is one part of the development of the whole child, and academic excellence is a pillar of our ongoing strategic vision.

While NAPLAN is a ‘point in time’ assessment, the information it reveals provides Girls’ Grammar with an opportunity to reflect on current strengths, and to identify areas for future growth. NAPLAN can provide powerful diagnostic information when we interrogate the data aiming to improve our practice, our programs and ultimately learning outcomes for all students.

Each year level is assessed across six bands. Table 1 indicates the percentage of students who have achieved in the top three bands compared with all schools across the State (State schools, Catholic schools, Independent schools combined).

Table 1:  Percentage of Students in Top Three Bands.

Table 2: Percentage of students at or above the National Minimum Standard.