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Your Daughters’ Home Away from Home

We know you want the best for your daughter. So do we.

Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School is a leading independent school in Queensland, Australia, providing quality education for girls from Years 7 to 12. The school has a rich history of providing an excellent education and the school’s boarding house is an integral part of the school community, providing a supportive family environment for students who live away from home.

Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School is forward-thinking and strives to prepare young women for a lifetime of learning, leadership, and purpose. A Girls’ Grammar education is one that prepares students to make a difference in the changing world in which we live. As part of its exceptional learning environment, professional staff are committed to providing every child with a positive, personalised, holistic education. Educators and support staff influence students’ self-worth, behaviour and the way they interact with their peers and the wider community. In addition to developing strong moral and ethical values, students become responsible, capable, global citizens who create their own opportunities for learning, leadership, and success.

Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School was officially opened in 1892. Thirty-one girls started their secondary education at the school, six of whom were boarders, establishing the school’s 131-year history of boarding. In 1987, the impressive, five-wing boarding area, Cribb House, was officially opened. The House is named after Thomas Bridson Cribb, the first Chair of the Board of Trustees. Throughout the decades, Cribb House has undergone many changes, most recently including the refurbishment of student bedrooms and common areas.

At the beginning of the year, the school welcomed Ms Rebecca Jones as the new Head of Boarding. Ms Jones has over 15 years of experience in boarding and has worked in both co-educational and all-girls facilities. Ms Jones is passionate about engaging and leading young women in a holistic manner through our constantly changing, dynamic and unique world. She believes that boarding is a partnership between students, families, and the school, and works proactively to ensure clear and constant lines of communication are evident between all parties. She understands that living away from home can be a difficult journey with various hurdles, and believes in creating a stable environment for students which includes having a steady and visible presence within the boarding and day school. She has an open-door policy and invites students to seek guidance, refuge or just a daily chat whenever they need.

Boarding schools provide a unique opportunity for students to develop their independence, resilience, and flexibility, which will serve them well throughout their lives. When asked what contemporary boarding means to her, Ms Jones said that a modern boarding family consists of diverse individuals. She wants to ensure that each girl feels valued for their individuality and feels confident and comfortable within their boarding home to express her true self.

As for the benefits of all-girls boarding schools, it is widely accepted that girls learn differently from boys and an all-girls environment can help them focus better and develop a stronger sense of identity awareness. All girls boarding provides an environment where girls can feel confident expressing their views and learning about the diversity that the boarding house encompasses. The boarding community has a wide range of cultural backgrounds, which influence its social environment. This diversity gives students exposure to different cultures and ideas, which can help them understand different perspectives and develop empathy. It can also provide a sense of belonging and support for students from diverse backgrounds. The recently announced increases to the Living Away from Home Allowances Scheme will allow even more aspirational young women to experience the advantages of being an Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School Boarder.

Our boarders develop strong life-long friendships that enhance their ability to navigate the growing interconnected global society. They receive the encouragement and support they need to achieve their best, in a supportive family environment.

Parents choose Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School for their daughter because of our proven record of consistently strong academic outcomes, supported by robust well-being programs and a commitment to developing responsible, capable, and global citizens who create their own opportunities for learning, leadership, and success.

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities available for your daughter, please contact our Enrolments Team