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Quality teaching workshop kicks off the New Year 

In 1998, the School selected Dimensions of Learning (DOL) for its school-wide pedagogical framework or “game plan” for teaching and learning.

Four years ago, the School recognised the synergies that exist between DOL and the Art and Science of Teaching (ASOT) and linked the two programs which further enriched the framework.

Our Quality Teaching Team leaders have provided targeted professional development about the programs to IGGS and IJGS teachers with the aim of ensuring their pedagogical practices are based on contemporary evidence-based programs.

On 19 January, an external consultant facilitated a workshop for our teachers to reflect on DOL and ASOT with the aim of confirming them as the School’s pedagogical framework.

At the workshop, teachers also further developed their knowledge and understanding of the New Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, a central part of the new Senior Syllabuses that underpin the Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance system to be introduced in 2018, and its connections with DOL and ASOT.

It is pleasing to know that the School is well-placed in its preparation for the implementation of the new Senior Assessment and Tertiary Entrance System.

It was another exciting day of professional collaboration and teamwork by our committed teachers. There was a palpable buzz of affirmation about the School’s direction in relation to its pedagogical framework.

The day’s workshop was also a productive way to realign and focus teachers on the School’s pedagogical framework prior to the students return.  We are looking forward to our students walking through the school gates and we are ready to engage with them in the various classrooms.

2017, the School’s 125th year, is full of promise and I am sure our wonderful School community – students, parents, staff and Old Girls – will, once again, unite to fully realise the promise.