My Grammar

Positive Psychology and Growth Mindset

Every school has a pastoral care program, so what makes our personal growth approach so special? At Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School we have created a rich program of rites of passage for our students so that at every Year level, from 7 to 12, our girls have  a point on the horizon to which they can travel, emotionally, socially and academically.

The School’s 7 Cs program has been created to develop and affirm a strong sense of self and confidence within each IGGS girl. Each ‘C’ is used as a signpost at different Year levels, underpinning the formation of character at that time but also connecting to the idea of the seven seas – the broad range of experiences that each girl will have in her quest to become a participating global citizen.

The signposts at each Year level are:

  • Character (Year 7)
  • Community (Year 8)
  • Challenge (Year 9)
  • Change (Year 10)
  • Choice (Year 11)
  • Citizenship (Year 12)
  • Connection (Year 13)

Each of these rites of passage contribute to the confidence building that is so essential in a young woman’s development, advancing the previous year’s social and emotional learnings. Each signpost, represented by a theme, is implemented through the IGGS Life Skills program, which is embedded into the girls’ weekly curriculum.