My Grammar

Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School including Ipswich Junior Grammar School (IGGS/IJGS) teacher Jodie Hyde has been recognised for her innovative teaching practices and has been named a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE).

An exclusive global community of educators, MIEE’s are provided with a platform to share ideas, try new approaches and learn from others. Educators from around the world are selected to join the community for one-year terms.

Ms Hyde, who is Digital Pedagogy and Innovation Coordinator at IGGS/IJGS, said she applied to be recognised as an MIEE to benefit from connection with like-minded global educators.

“I am a passionate educator who loves technology. I am always looking to improve my teaching practices,” Ms Hyde said. “I also have a passion for instilling and passing on my knowledge to my colleagues to help make their teaching practices better.”

MIEE’s are selected for their passion, collaborative spirit and drive to inspire students with creative thinking using technology in education. Recognising that technology alone cannot build 21st century skills for students, the MIEE program connects outstanding educators to grow their technological knowledge and skills. Their knowledge and ideas will benefit students in the classroom, as teachers can access and apply a range of technology efficiently and effectively to enhance their teaching.

Ms Hyde said IGGS/IJGS has always been supportive of her ideas and initiatives.

“I have been afforded the opportunity and time to develop my skills to complete Microsoft Learn courses and apply for MIEE accreditation. I know that we already have other educators on our staff who would also pass this process. I can’t wait to support and encourage my colleagues to apply.”

Motivated by a genuine desire to improve the teaching and learning experience, Ms Hyde said she is looking forward to sharing best practices and resources with the MIEE community and her colleagues at IGGS/IJGS.

“I want to give back to the teaching profession in a way that I can make things easier for my colleagues by helping them to improve their teaching practices with our students as the focus. Teachers already face many demands and anything that can make their workload better is a win for me.”

Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School including Ipswich Junior Grammar School Principal & CEO Dr Peter Britton congratulated Ms Hyde for her achievement.

“Ms Hyde is to be commended for her constant innovation and forward thinking. Selection as an MIEE is well deserved,” Dr Britton said.

“IGGS/IJGS strives to develop 21st Century Skills in students. Ms Hyde has helped to create student-centred, immersive and inclusive experiences to ensure our students are confident, well-educated young women, girls and boys.”

Ms Hyde will join the MIEE community in 2023.