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Special Ability Scholarships – Sport

Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School’s Special Ability Scholarships – Sport are open to students entering Years 7 to 12 who demonstrate excellence in sport and a willingness to contribute to the School’s sporting activities through their participation, their representation of the School in competition and their encouragement of other athletes. Selection is based on the applicant’s portfolio and an interview.

Selection Criteria

  • Demonstrated academic achievement.
  • High level of enthusiasm in and commitment to the School’s Sports programs.
  • Willingness to participate in Sports-related activities and external activities which interest the applicant.
  • Ability to comply with the School’s guidelines for appropriate behaviour, attitude, uniform and use of technology.


Applicants must have been selected and competed at the following levels:

Core Sports (Swimming, Athletics, Cross Country):

    • Must have placed in Top 10 at Regional level, or representation at State or National level.

Team and Individual sports (list available in our Sports section):

    • Regional representation in chosen sport, plus
    • District level in a Core Sport (Swimming, Athletics, Cross-Country)

Multiclass Athletes

    • Para -athletes classification card/letter
    • District, Regional, State or National representation in Multi-class events (Swimming, Athletics, Cross-Country)


How to Apply

  • Submit an online Scholarship application.
  • Scholarship applicants for the 2025 school year must sit the ACER Scholarship Test at Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School on Saturday 24 February 2024. Register to sit the test.
  • For applicants residing outside the Brisbane and Ipswich metropolitan areas, it may be possible to sit the scholarship test at their nearest participating cooperative school, at an ACER Test Centre or at a non-ACER Test Centre. For a list of participating schools please visit the ACER website.
  • All applicants are required to prepare a portfolio.

For Special Ability Scholarships – Sport, the applicant’s portfolio should include the following:

  • The student’s name, current school and scholarship categories applying for.
  • The sport/s in which the applicant has achieved district (10-12 years), regional, state and/or national level success. Please include performance levels (e.g. times, distances and/or teams) and written verification from a certified (regional, state, and/or national) Sports Officer.
  • Information about participation in specialised coaching programs, including involvement in a club at a regional, state and/or national level.
  • At least one personal reference from a manager or coach of a club or representative team that can attest to the applicant’s achievements, commitment and sportsmanship.
  • A list of achievements, positions or roles they have held at school (such as Class Captain, Debating team, Excellence awards).
  • Demonstration of participation in a range of aspects of school life, such as the Arts, Sports, or Service activities.
  • A supporting statement (approximately 200 words) outlining their capacity to contribute to the School, addressing the following questions:
    • What does attending Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School mean to you? Some suggestions might be to tell us about your goals, ambitions, family experiences, friends and/or community and why these contribute to your desire to attend our School.
    • What is a hobby or activity you particularly like being involved in? Tell us about how you got involved, what contributions you make, and why you find it worthwhile or enjoyable. What do you enjoy about these things? How long have you been involved in it/them?
    • What are three things that you have done or experienced that you are most proud of?
  • Birth certificate (external applicants only).
  • A copy of the student’s School reports for the last two years (external applicants only).
  • A copy of the student’s most recent NAPLAN results (external applicants only).


Portfolios must be submitted by the online Scholarship Application Form.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend an interview.



  • Scholarships offered to students are tenable until the end of Year 12, subject to annual review.
  • This means that if the conditions of the scholarship continue to be met, the student retains the scholarship for the tenure.
  • The Scholarship is granted with the expectation that the student will complete Year 12 at the School. Should this not occur and the student continues to reside locally, then it is at the discretion of the School to require that the value equivalent to part or all of the Scholarship fee reductions be payable to the School.
  • Scholarships are not means tested.
  • By accepting the Scholarship award, students and parents or legal guardians, consent to the use of the scholarship recipient’s name, image and profile to be used for the purposes of marketing and promotion of the School’s scholarship program. This may include for the purposes of publication in School newsletters, external newspapers, magazines and websites (including the School’s website) and social media. Such publication will go beyond the School community and may extend for a period of time beyond the duration of the scholarship recipient’s education at the School.


If successful, in order to maintain the Scholarship, the student must:

  • Maintain a consistent level of academic performance (reviewed each semester).
  • Consistently maintain a very high level of achievement in her chosen field of special ability and participate in at least one additional core sport (swimming, athletics or cross country).
  • Participate fully in chosen sports for the School, including attendance at all training sessions and representative responsibilities.
  • Be a School ambassador and behave at a high standard at all times.
  • Contribute to the curricular and co-curricular activities of the School (reviewed annually).
  • Exhibit behaviour of the highest calibre.
  • Comply with the School’s high expectations regarding attitudes, uniform, and use of technology (reviewed each semester).
  • Maintain consistent attendance of 90% or higher.
  • Scholars are expected to demonstrate leadership and be role models of the School and within the wider community.


The student’s family must:

  • Pay the balance of any account within four weeks of each term’s commencement.
  • Provide in writing to the Board of Trustees an explanation about any delay in settling an account and a request to arrange alternative payment options.
  • Be positive role-models and actively involved within the School community.
  • Parents of scholarship recipients are encouraged to actively support the Sports Supporters, a sub-group of the School’s P&F Association and volunteer to assist in events and activities when possible.


For further information please contact the Director of Enrolments and Community Relations at

The details of scholarship offers are confidential and must not be disclosed to third parties. The School will not negotiate the conditions or amount of a scholarship once a decision has been made.