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Special Ability Scholarships – Sport

Applications for IGGS Special Ability Scholarships – Sport are open to students entering Years 7 to 12 in 2023 who demonstrate excellence in sport and a willingness to contribute to the School’s sporting activities through their participation, their representation of the School in competition and their encouragement of other athletes.

Selection is based on the applicant’s portfolio and an interview with the Head of Sport and the Principal and/or a member of the School’s Executive team. Students must have a record of excellent behaviour. The scholarship represents up to 50% remission of tuition fees.

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Selection Criteria

  • Demonstrated talent and potential in the nominated sport(s) based on past performances.
  • Sound academic achievement as noted in past school reports.
  • High level of enthusiasm in and commitment to the nominated sport(s).
  • Willingness to participate in QGSSSA competition, school activities, and to continue to pursue regional, state and national representation (or have achieved this already when applying).
  • Ability to comply with the School’s guidelines for appropriate behaviour, uniform and use of technology.


Conditions & Expectations

  • Scholarships offered to students entering Years 7 to 10 are tenable until the end of Year 10, subject to review. Existing scholars are encouraged to re-apply (at the beginning of the Year 10 school year) to extend their scholarship through until the end of Year 12. This means that if the conditions of the Scholarship continue to be met, the student retains the Scholarship for the tenure or until she leaves IGGS. Scholarships are awarded based on merit and are not means tested.
  • Being a positive role model for younger students, being involved in interhouse activities, displaying leadership by encouraging and supporting other students and fostering team and school spirit.
  • Show awareness and appreciation for school life and a willingness to accept the broad range of opportunities offered at IGGS.
  • Parents of scholarship recipients must actively support the Sports Supporters, a sub-group of the School’s Parents & Friends Association and volunteer to assist in events and activities when possible.


If successful, to maintain the Scholarship the student must:

  • Maintain consistently a very high level of achievement in her chosen field of special ability (monitored each semester) and participate in at least one additional core sport (swimming, athletics or cross country).
  • Maintain consistently at least a sound level of academic performance (reviewed annually).
  • Be prepared to participate in nominated school-based sport through training sessions, competitions etc.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to contribute to the curricular and co-curricular activities of the School, that is, participate in at least two of the following: one sport, one service and one cultural activity each year (reviewed annually). Participation in the student’s field of special ability contributes to this criterion.
  • Comply with the School’s high expectations regarding attitudes, behaviour, uniform, and use of technology (reviewed each semester).
  • Not bring discredit to the School in any way (immediate cancellation).



  • Scholarship applications for the 2023 school year will open in December 2021.


The details of scholarship offers are confidential and must not be disclosed to third parties. The School will not negotiate the conditions or amount of a scholarship once a decision has been made.