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Co-Curricular at IGGS

IGGS girls are healthy, active and love new challenges.

At Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School, we actively encourage our girls to engage in all aspects of a holistic education. Girls who participate in co-curricular activities generally achieve higher academic results, enjoy stronger relationships with their school peers and are more likely to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Our extensive co-curricular program offerings provide IGGS girls with plenty of opportunities to discover their talents and abilities outside the classroom. 

We offer more than 50 sporting, cultural, intellectual, performing arts and community service activities—both team and individual, competitive and non competitive, to meet the diverse interests of our vibrant school community. These activities teach our girls to compete, make new friends, develop School spirit and value the ideals of good sportsmanship.

In our group co-curriculars, your daughter experiences the commitment and pride that comes with being part of a team. Our individual activities strengthen self-confidence, self-expression and develop specialised skills.

Our activities are well supervised and make use of our state-of-the-art facilities and extensive range of equipment. Staff and professional coaches provide skill development and coaching.

Many of our co-curricular activities are offered at no extra cost. Private tutelage and coaching may incur additional expense.

The school also runs late buses, departing at 4:30pm, for students involved in after-school activities.

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We encourage all our girls to take part in sport to learn life skills like leadership, responsibility and accountability through both individual and team sports.


Our academic activities aim to enhance your daughter’s ability to think critically and creatively and encourage her confidence and self-expression.

Community Service

Our students learn social awareness, compassion and gratitude through actively serving the community on a local, national or international level.

The Arts

Our visual and performing arts program encourages students to create and express themselves while developing problem-solving skills and language abilities.