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The Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) released first-round offers for tertiary education courses for domestic students earlier this week. The School congratulates its 2018 Seniors because ALL (100%) domestic students who applied for admission to tertiary courses received an offer with 84% receiving their first or second preference.

This result is especially pleasing because the School aims to provide an environment in which students are nurtured, first and foremost, to lead happy and successful lives, and be aspirational about the prospect of tertiary studies and work. Eighty-one percent of students were OP-eligible.

The most popular courses were Health (Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Exercise Science and Nutrition, Speech Pathology, etc); Society and Culture (Law, Economics, Psychology, etc); Creative Arts (Music, Design, etc); Architecture and Building; and, Engineering.

The School is looking forward to receiving information about offers made to its overseas students.