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IGGS Academic Results 2017

In the School’s 125th year, the 2017 Seniors delivered the School’s highest Queensland Core Skills Test outcomes since the OP system commenced in 1992 with 72% of students attaining either an A or a B grade on the QCS Test (compared to 48% in the state). More than half of our OP-eligible students attained an OP 7 or better. Eighty-six percent of our students were OP-eligible, indicating their strong desire to enrol in tertiary studies.

The School is very proud of the students because each girl gave her very best effort in her academic program, thus contributing to the successful academic outcomes. Special mention is afforded the six students who achieved an OP 1 — an OP issued to only 2.8% of students in Queensland. Indeed, 37% of our OP-eligible students achieved an OP 1 – 5,  76% achieved an OP 10 or better and 96% achieved an OP 1 – 15.


Equally, the School congratulates the 16 students who completed one or more vocational qualifications, completing either Certificates I, II or III and therefore opening doors to further study and training in their chosen fields.

These pleasing academic outcomes are testament to the high work ethic, team work and diligence of our graduating class who were taught, encouraged and intellectually challenged by our high performing teaching staff. The School also acknowledges the unwavering support—practical, academic, emotional—that parents and carers contributed to the academic success of our 2017 Seniors.

An Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School education will position students well for future learning, work and community engagement, and, while we are proud of our students’ strong academic performance in 2017, we are equally proud of their strength of character, leadership qualities and their many and varied achievements in the cultural, sporting and service arenas.

Congratulations Class of 2017 on your collective achievements and the contributions to the wider community that you have made, and will continue to make, as confident, well-educated young women of Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School.

Mrs. Ruth Lang

Dean of Studies