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2022 Senior Induction

We would like to express how honoured we all are to be entrusted with the 2022 leadership of Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School.

This year, our Senior cohort so perfectly exemplifies what it means to be confident, well-educated young women. We are a cohort full of extremely talented, ambitious individuals, each with our own unique story to tell. We value each other’s individuality and when brought together, we are a powerful and spirited team ready to leave a legacy with our beloved school, through our leadership.

Seniors, we have all been thinking about the legacy we want to leave behind. Each of our own individual legacies and the legacy of the us, the 2022 Seniors, Generation 22. What is Generation 22 going to be? Whatever your individual legacy may be, strive to work towards your goals, be the best grammar girl you can be and enjoy the greatest year of your schooling life. As a cohort, we can foster an atmosphere of unified energy and unrivalled school spirit. It is this spirit which will pump adrenaline into our School war cry and give us goosebumps as we run through the spirit tunnel just before QG events. It is this spirit which will result in the pride we will feel as we wear the white pale blue, and it is this spirit which will see everyone participating enthusiastically in all aspects of school life.

One of the highlights of our Senior journey so far was the leadership camp held late last year. During this camp, we were inspired to create our own flavour this year and learnt about the pizza analogy.

This analogy explained that we need to top our pizza with different toppings and add our own flavour this year. Keeping in mind that the base which is the school’s traditions and values must stay the same. With that said the theme for 2022 was born. We bring to you Sea Of Blue 2022.

It is the year to seize every opportunity (or ride every wave!) that comes your way. It is the year to take chances and not be scared to try new things. Even if you embrace an opportunity, ride the wave, then tumble off your board… There will always be a new opportunity to get back on, and try again, to work hard and build resilience and confidence. Some waves can be more difficult to catch and ride than others. Everyone’s wave they chose to ride is different. Everyone is on a different journey. But we all share a common goal. And when we unite to embrace our school and the Sea of Blue 2022. We will be an unstoppable force for good. 2022 is abundant in opportunities and it is up to you to choose which ones to pursue. Whether it’s a music, art or sports co-curricular activity. Your studies or a service activity.

This year I am incredibly proud and honoured to be able to represent such a talented, hardworking, supportive and diligent cohort. This year will be full of ups and downs for everyone, so we need to work hard to keep a positive “can do” attitude, and ensure we ride the wave that 2022 will be.

The theme badge for this year was designed by Jingyi one of our very talented Senior students. this badge acts as a daily reminder for students to be the best version of themselves they can be.

Over to our left, you will see our 2022 theme artwork. This artwork is a physical manifestation of our theme. The artwork holds a piece of each and every one of our seniors. Every single one of our fingerprints makes up the exterior of the wave. Each of the surfboards on the canvas represents the different houses showing that although divided into houses, we are all riding the same wave together.

Seniors, this is the year that we all have been waiting for since the first time we walked through the School gates. It is now time for us to embrace our 2022 theme and demonstrate what IGGS has taught each one of us about leadership. It is time for us to continue to embrace our school’s motto: Omnia Superat Diligentia: Diligence overcomes all, in everything we do, in our studies, sports, service, the arts and in leadership. It is time for us to ensure that every student in our school feels like they belong. It is time for us to bring a positive attitude, and energy into each day to lift each other up. The school is looking up at us now and we are both positive that we will all take on our roles with enthusiasm, love and utmost pride in our school.

Over time we may become unknown and nameless as new generations of students fill our positions and strive to make their own changes. But through our own actions, our stories and the legacy we leave behind, we will shape the future of Ipswich Girls’ Grammar School. Leave behind a legacy you are proud of and a path for future students to follow. You are all beautiful and capable young women, and we know that together we are all ready to create the unforgettable legacy of Generation 22.

When we are sitting here at the end of this year, when the time comes for us walk down this aisle, graduate and say our goodbyes, let us look back and say that we made our final year worthwhile and meaningful, we worked hard and gave our all, we celebrated all of our successes and supported each other through our challenges, but most importantly, Class of 2022 we can say that we were a part of something incredibly special… the IGGS family, the IGGS Sea of Blue 2022.

Eliza Carniel and Carly Grieve
2022 Head Girls